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About Judith Lee Folde Photography & Art

Located in Spring Hill, Florida, Judith Lee Photography & Art travels around Florida and the United States capturing what "catches her eye" in hopes that you will see the beauty in nature that she sees.  A budding artist since a young child, she used to create "towns" in her sandbox.  Always a "doodler," she loved art classes in school and took oil painting classes in college.  Life got busy, with a husband and 3 children, so the art Judy loved was put on the back burner.  About 8 years ago, a Nikon D40X was purchased and a new art form developed for her!  While she still draws and paints, photography has become a bit of an obsession.

Judy does take booking locally for natural light photography for families, high school seniors, even pets.  

You can purchase her work directly from her at