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About Judy

Life has been a learning journey for this artist.  She grew up in a loving home where she was taught all she needs and learned unconditional love!   Judy spent most of her adult life taking care of her family, working full time and attending college classes part time.  She finally fulfilled her dream of becoming a teacher ... graduating with honors at the University of South Florida/St. Pete ... at the age of 63!  

There wasn't much time for hobbies in the schedule, so just before she retired, she purchased her first digital camera.  And that, my friends, began her journey into the arts.  Once retired, she wrote a children's book, MY ALPHABET GARDEN TOUR, and purchased art supplies and began a new career.  She is probably the poster child for "starving artist," but she loves what she does.

Judy Hall-Folde loves to create.  She fell in love with photography when she purchased her first digital camera.  That was a Nikon D40X.  It quickly became her passion ~ creating photography as art and capturing beauty in nature and living things.  She also sketches, paints and dabbles in crafts, making unique products like shirts, glasses, and signs.

Her hope is that she creates something that touches your soul!

"Take time to contemplate, away from the opinions and influence of others what you really want and what you believe to be important in your life."


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