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New York City!

The Hamptons, Long Island, New York!

Slowly getting back into the work...

Not completely organized yet, but did finish one mixed-media 9x12 work.   I am expanding into new creative areas and not totally confident in my abilities, but I'll keep at it!!

There is a 20x30 canvas on my to decide what to paint.  Anyone have any suggestions?

There will be a road trip soon to the Florida Panhandle, so camera will be at my side along the journey.

Please share my website with your art loving friends...and talk to me...I love to hear stuff from the great folks that follow me!

Meantime, Godspeed!

A New Year, a New Beginning 2019

Well, we have rolled into a new year and we have also rolled into a new home which has a larger studio area for me!  We haven't fully unpacked and organized yet, but keep checking photos and artwork will be coming soon!

Thank you everyone who follows me and has become a fan of my work.  I truly appreciate you!

Upcoming Photo Trips 2018/2019

Tow exciting trips are planned!

September 2018:  Staten Island, Manhattan and Long Island!   Plans include Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero, Lower Manhattan...maybe some candid street scenes and the Empire State Building ~ all the stuff I took for granted when I lived on the Island!  Out on the Island, maybe there will be some early fall colors, but definitely beaches...north shore and south shore.  And did I mention vineyards?  Oh, yes, beautiful vineyards...prepare to be surprised by what my eyes will see!

May 2019:  Cruising to exotic carribean places ~ Georgetown, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands - Roatan, Honduras - Belize City, Belize - Cozumel, Mexico -my eyes will be focused on beautiful sunrises and sunsets, amazing seas, beaches, maybe waterfalls, candid local customs and traditions...maybe funny tourists...

I am excited about bring you some great images of beautiful places in our world...who year you might be seeing Europe through my eyes!

New Products

Etsy-Firefighter shirt


More New Products in my Etsy shop!

Stuff for baby!

Adding "crafting" to my portfolio!

So, I'cw started working with vinyl.  It's been a fun adventure.  So far I've created some shirts and glasses ~ even a work with vinyl on canvas.  It is all for sale, of course, so contact me if you like something.  I can also put a custom message on a shirt for you!



She's been painting!!

‚ÄčA little watercolor yesterday and pretty pleased with the result.  It is available in some of my stores as prints, wall décor and on products.

Keeping up with Judy

Here I will try to keep you informed about what I am up to artistically.  My latest photography trip was Silver Springs, Ocala, Florida.  

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