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We left Florida the last week of October and headed for the mountains of North Carolina!  We discovered that we missed the peak of the fall color by two weeks ~ dang!  Good news is that there was still plenty of color to capture.  

Our happy little group thought by leaving Florida we would be away from "hurricane" season which we all know is in full swing in October.  Much to our surprise a sneaky little storm once again hit along the upper gulf coast and traveled right up over Cherokee, NC, where we were camped.  Fortunately, we were tucked into a little valley, surrounded by mountains so we were sheltered from the worst of it.  A flash flood warning was in place and the river at our campground was running high and fast.  The photographer in me was secretly loving this because it made the rivers and falls look great!

So my update is that while I am still busy editing my photos, I have uploaded several to Fine Art America and Photo4Me.  Take a look and let me know what you think.

Once everything is edited, I'll be adding some to my Etsy shop so you can purchase prints if you like!

Okay, time to get back to the photos...ya'll have an awesome day!

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