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New year, new work!  I've been so very busy reworking my kids alphabet book.  My publisher just disappeared and left all their authors in the lurch!!

So, I've got a great illustrator, Eloise Art, and I have been spending lots of hours re-creating my work.  If everything goes as planned, I will be offering this book as a Kindle e-book.  It is for toddlers and pre-schoolers...encouraging the love of reading and helping them learn letters and letter sounds.  It is written to address all learning styles and ESE.  My hope is that our little people will have their grown-ups take them out in their yards or to a park to read together, play with the letter sounds and find stuff in their own environment that start with the alphabet letters.  

I have created a Facebook page for my books...Judy Hall-Folde, Author  I hope you will take the time to give the page a like and follow me...there will be more to come!

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