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Howdy! Back from a great trip and getting ready for an Art & Craft Fair!

Well, we traveled northward and visited the Ark Encounter in Kentucky.  If you are so inclined and can get there, I highly recommend this venue.  Created by a man from Australia, it is very evident that many hours of research went into this project, not only as to the accuracy of the physical ark, but also the exhibits making comparisons between science and evolution.  When perusing these exhibits, keep your critical thinking minds in high gear because this information/comparison will clarify so many questions people are asking today.  I would like to ask you to put comments here if you visit this venue with your opinions and reactions to the information offered!

We visited a waterfall on this trip.  I will be posting photos, is a hit and miss thing, so I am praying I got some usable pictures.

We moved through Iowa and then headed south through Missouri.  Overnight stay there and upon leaving and heading through Arkansas we ran into some really, really nasty rainstorms.  Saw 3 very serious accidents in you ever wonder why people don't slow down in this kind of rain??? Aside from the rain that was downright frightening, so many of the interstates and state highways in the midwest were in terrible shape.  Kind of beat up our camper a bit!  The good news is that we made it home safe and sound.  We got some nice photos, I hope!

Now I am busy preparing for the Brooksville Pumpkin Patch Arts & Crafts Festival on October 19.  I'll be making some new products and also bringing in some new art...originals and prints!  If you are local here in Florida, please come visit us at the festival.  We would love to meet you!

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