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Just wanted to share

A friend sends me the most uplifting messages each day and I wanted to share this with you today!

"Every thought that we have has an energy that will either strengthen or weaken you. So think positive thoughts! "

I've been hard at work getting ready to "glamp" with our friends. We are hosts this month and will have a Christmas feast. Our gift exchange will be a new game this have to throw a die and follow the instructions for the number of dots you get. I'm hoping this turns out to be lots of fun.

Meantime, I'm working on regenerating my children's book, MY ALPHABET GARDEN TOUR, which is being illustrated by Art by Eloise. I will first publish as an e-book on Kindle. Once that is completed, my plan is to move ahead with my second book...a fun numbers book for pre-schoolers! Watch for updates.

Hope you all are ready for the holidays. We celebrate Christmas, so we always wish a Merry Christmas. Hope that does not offend anyone...because...we also wish you a happy or merry your holiday as well! Sending you love and hugs!!

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