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"Sometimes, the problems you must face are more than you wish to cope with, and tomorrow doesn’t seem to offer any solutions.The roads any of us choose to follow are never free of bumps or curves, but eventually the turns lead to a smoother path ahead."

Life has sure been dishing out some challenges lately. My prayer for all of you is that you stay healthy and strong.  Please take great precautions for your own health and the health of others.  I'm not interested in what the media says, what the government says...just follow your my mind that means, social distance, wearing a mask when out in public and WASH WASH WASH your hands!  I truly don't want to see one single more person get infected with this virus!

The arts have a way of make music and make art...and that comes in many can write, sing, listen, view, paint, draw, scribble, photograph...or even buy art that touches your soul...together we will survive this crisis if we work together to protect each other....

Just my point of view!


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