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WOW...did you miss me???

Gosh!  It's been a while since I've posted, hasn't it!  

So old stomping grounds....NYC/Long Island is having a major n'easter...and sorry, kids, can't say I am sorry I'm missing it.  But I love looking at the wonderful photos of freshly falling snow.  I remember loving the special kind of silence early in the morning after it snowed all night...just the most peaceful atmosphere ever!

We've been doing a little reorganizing here...or maybe I should just be honest and say finally getting some organizing done...don't judge LOL!

Today maybe I'll get after that big canvas that has been staring at me for way too has most of the sketching done...gotta get after it!

Soon we will be freshening the woodwork and some of the walls in this place and I'm hoping my ideas will brighten the interior up...I'll post pictures when it's done...

So, all have a tremendous start to February!  Stay healthy, be kind and productive...practice love not hate...that feels so much better!

Thanks for liking my work....pass me around...could use some nice sales!

God bless you!

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